At Clinical Research Prime, our goal is to speed the development of medical treatments by providing enhanced patient care through clinical research.

Our Story

Clinical Research Prime was created in 2017 by Dr. Jeffrey B Baker MD after working in clinical research at other facilities for over 15 years. Being a Certified Principal Investigator (PI), Dr. Baker has supervised and been the director of over 250 clinical trials ranging in many different medical fields and specialties.

Clinical Research Prime has grown to be a regional and world leader in clinical research and recognized by many pharmaceutical companies as a “super” site, meaning that they are noted for their high quality enrollment and degree of efficiency in their training and work. Clinical Research Prime continues to grow with the intention of making clinical trials an opportunity for medical providers and their patients.


Clinical Research Prime has the following resources for performing clinical trials:

  • 3 On-Site Sub-Investigators, 15+ Off-Site Sub-Investigators
  • Operations Manager, Certified Clinical Research Quality Manager, Training Manager, Regulatory Manager
  • 19 Clinical Research Coordinators, 4 Research Assistants, Pediatric Phlebotomist, Local Access to Radiologic Exams, IV Nurses
  • Human Resources Director, 2 Corporate Recruiters, 1 Patient Recruiter, 2 Administrative Assistants, 3 Quality Assurance Assistants, Regulatory Assistant, Training Assistant
  • 5 Research Dedicated Exam Rooms
  • 12 Private Practice Exam Rooms Available
  • Fully-Equipped Laboratory
  • Blood Drawing Station
  • CLIA Waiver
  • IV Infusion Room
  • Procedure Room
  • 12-Lead ECG Machine
  • AED, Oxygen, and Crash Cart
  • Glucose Testing
  • Serial PK Sampling Experience
  • Serial ABPM Experience
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Ambient Centrifuge
  • Secure Drug Storage Room with 24/7 Alarmed Temperature Monitoring
  • IP Refrigerator with 24/7 Alarmed Temperature Monitoring
  • – 20 Freezer with 24/7 Temperature Monitoring
  • – 70 Freezer with 24/7 Temperature Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Throughout Facility
  • Staff ICH, GCP, HSP, IATA Equivalent Trained
  • Vertical Laminar Airflow Hood
  • Standard Operating Procedures Implemented
  • ACRP, SOCRA, and SCRS Memberships
  • Long-established Relationships for Off-Site Diagnostic Services