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Clinical research is a vital part of providing new and advanced treatments to patients. When a pharmaceutical or medical device company has a new drug or device that has been bench or animal tested and demonstrated as safe, the next step is to determine both the safety and the effectiveness of the drug or device in people. All clinical trial protocols are thoroughly reviewed and vetted by both the FDA and a diverse board called an Institutional Research Board (IRB) to ensure that the benefits of the trial are commensurate with known and/or unknown risks. Clinical research sites, such as CRP, work with sponsors who sponsor the trial and must gain research data from a statistically significant number of patients in order to show the FDA that the drug/device is safe and effective for its intended use.

Patients participate in clinical research for a variety of reasons:

  • Gain access to treatments that aren’t widely available
  • Individualized and attentive medical care
  • An opportunity to learn about their condition
  • Receive study related medications, medical and laboratory care, and supplies at no cost
  • Participate in furthering the body of knowledge and availability of treatment for their condition